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Identification main parts of Flow Recorder ITT Barton 199
Basic Instrumentation - Basic Flow Recorder


Sensor part of flow recorder usually called DPU (Differential Pressure Unit) especially in ITT Barton Model 199. To identify name parts of DPU check this picture:





ITT Barton Model 199 Differential Pressure Unit:

1. Torque Tube Shaft

2. Mounting Bracket

3. Pressure Sensing Connection

4. Venting Connection

5. Low Pressure Housing

6. High Pressure Housing

Installation of flow recorder:

  • Low pressure port connected to down stream of flow element (oriffice)
  • High pressure port connected to up stream of flow element (oriffice)

Function of flow recorder:

In application flow recorder used to record flow parameter (in this case differential pressure) for monitoring system and the result written on chart paper. The unit use in mbar, "H2O, or mmH2O. Data form flow recorder is raw data, to get the final result should be calculated using flow rate formula.


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